The History of Us

The Last Decade

In the fall of 2005, Ms. Clark fell ill and was diagnosed with a terminal form of cancer. She spent the last year of her life fighting for more life, but eventually, it became too much. On September 12th, 2006, she passed away, poignantly, surrounded by her extended nursing family from the agency she dedicated her life to build.

We lost her physical presence, but her spirit is permanently engrained in every aspect of our agency. Today, we still strive to serve patients with whom our health care services would otherwise be unattainable, the company has joined the fight against all forms of cancer and our oldest nemesis, "Access to Care" has now become a key political issue facing the entire country.

As we approach our 19th year as home health agency; and our 30th year as a healthcare provider, we are reminded of the history of our company and of our founder and her beliefs. That's why every March 15th, the company gets together to celebrate another year of accomplishment and survival …whether it is our real birthday or not.

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