The History of Us

A Decade of Change

It is a sobering feeling, to wake up to see your city on fire, but in April of 1992, that is exactly what occurred. The Los Angeles Riots were both a divisive and a galvanizing event for all of us. The days that followed witnessed the destruction of both company's headquarters resulting in the complete loss of our entire inventory, business records and manufacturing equipment.

From a purely materialistic viewpoint, the company lost everything, but something else happened during the riots.

The health care divide was again on full display as a large number of patients were left virtually abandoned. For our nursing staff, that was not acceptable. Even without a building we were able to perform the home health visits for all of our patients and for the patients of several other agencies.

These events brought home the realization that patient access was still a major obstacle for many of our fellow citizens. Personalized Home Care was renamed Total Care Nursing Service to more adequately reflected the services we provided and to reaffirmed the company's mission to deliver high quality health care to all patients.

The decade that followed was one of growth and change. Although we were operating for years, a change of address quirk delayed our official certification letter until March 15th, 1994, (hence our pseudo-birthday). We redoubled our efforts to rebuild the agency and meet the home care demands of our community.

And just as Los Angeles remade itself into a more vibrant, cosmopolitan city, we became an accomplished, patient advocate home health agency.

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