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Personalize Home Care

The growing census of Personalized Home Care gave her insight into another serious problem; medication compliance. Many of her elderly patients were regularly taking prescription drugs for half-dozen or more chronic ailments. They were often confused by the instructions, the timing and the frequency. And in many cases, would forget to take their medication entirely.

As a clinician, Joan knew that, improper drug use, coupled with the habitual use of over-the-counter remedies was one of the causes of dangerous drug interaction. So, she set out to invent a product and a system that would make it easier for her patients to keep track of their medication. She called the prototype The E.Z Med Tray.

Joan focused her efforts on product development and several prototypes were produced and tested at several of the area's hospitals. The test trails were so well-received that the patients refuse to return the tray. She was awarded a patent for her medical device and system and set about getting her prototypes into production.

By the fall of 1991, Personalized Home Care was pending Medicare certification and the manufacturing division, now named E.Z Med Systems had secured multiple contracts to produce and ship E.Z Med trays across the country. The companies moved into a new location and heading into the New Year, was poised for a substantial breakthrough.

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