Patients & Families


Changing Roles

We also encourage family members to participate in the healing process. We have found that families, working together, can play a key role in a patient's successful rehabilitation. One function of the TCNS clinical team is to teach family members how to get involved proactively.

Positive family interaction is an invaluable, but often overlooked resource. It should not be because both of our goals are the same. As your healthcare provider, we want the best case scenario recovery-wise for your loved one. This alone makes us an ideal partnership.

Avoiding Isolation
Life changes permanently for everyone in the family after a serious diagnosis. We understand how difficult it can be to provide care for a loved one. It means that you are dealing with your loved ones medical issues while serving as a source of important emotional support.

If you are the family caregiver, you are called upon to perform a wide variety of task to provide care for your loved one. While everyone finds their strength, compassion and resilience in a crisis, it's important to recognize your own limitations and understand that there are resources available to you if you need help.

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