Home Healthcare Overview

There are other types of home care aside from Home Health Care and Home care.

Home Medical Care
Home Medical Care or a "house call" is a physician visit to a patient home. Home Medical Care encompasses any therapeutic, diagnostic or social support service provided in an individual's home. Home medical care can involve a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner who provides acute or chronic care, which can be preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic, palliative, or rehabilitative.

Home Hospice Care
Home Hospice Care is another vital home-based service. Hospice Care is long-term supportive care overseen by the physician and provided primarily by personal care aides and lay caregivers. Hospice care is made optional to patients with chronic or terminal illnesses that prefer a different quality of life in relation to their current condition. It requires more prominence of how and what a patient receives, not how long.

Hospital-Level Home Care
Hospital-Level Home Care (IHHC) is a newly researched and ground-breaking type of home medical service that provides hospital care for patients with acute-care needs in the home. Patients who suffer from chronic conditions that rely heavily on hospital protocol and equipment now have the option to receive the same level of care in a community setting. This option cannot be supported by home health, or hospice care, due to limitations of certain apparatus and custom treatment for patients with uncommon essentials.

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